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Balkan New Film Festival: Once we were good for you

Balkan New Film Festival: Once we were good for you

The revolt of the war heroes.

25 years after the Croatian War of Independence, decorated war hero Dinko is bitterly disappointed with Croatia and life. His family has left him, and the country he fought for is plagued by poverty, corruption and emigration.

When his fellow veterans stage a protest demanding the museum that the Government promised them, Dinko gets involved. Soon however young fascists join the protest and the violence escalates.

Branko Schmidt is a veteran of Croatian cinema with dozens of successful films in his filmography. Sharp, critical, brave and eloquent in its cinematic expression, Once We Were Good For You explores the destiny of Croatian war veterans and their dissatisfaction with their social status.

The film won the multiple awards, including Best Actor for the brilliant Rene Bitorajac.

Regi: Branko Schmit. Kroatia, 2021. Kroatisk tale, engelsk undertekst. Aldersgrense: 15 år. Format: DCP. 1t 12min.

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Balkan New Film Festival – BaNeFF – presents an exciting and diverse selection of new films from across the region. BaNeFF´s goal is to bring together audiences in Scandinavia who have a connection to the region or are simply interested in films from the Balkans, offering a place to meet, socialize and enjoy a slice of Balkan culture.