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Balkan New Film Festival: How I learned to fly

Balkan New Film Festival: How I learned to fly

Winner of numerous awards on the children’s film festival circuit, this charming, coming-of-age tale will take you on an emotional summer adventure by the sea. 

Twelve-year-old Sofia (Klara Hrvanović) is forced to spend her vacation with her overbearing grandmother Maria (Olga Odanović), on the Croatian island of Hvar. It’s not the ideal summer she had hoped for, but with the help of her warm-hearted great-aunt Luce (Snježana Sinovčić) and her cousin, Sofia gets past her initial boredom.

She makes new friends and together they explore everything the summer on the island has to offer; sparkling sun, fun in the water, lots of ice cream and her first kiss.

But her carefree time ends abruptly, when beloved Luce has to be taken to hospital, leaving Sofia with a part of her family she didn’t even know existed. Nevertheless, in the wake of tragedy, the family finally overcomes old traumas and when Sofia returns home, she realizes that revealing painful secrets is challenging but very liberating.

Regi: Radivoje Andric. Serbia/Kroatia, 2022. Serbisk/kroatisk tale, engelsk undertekst. Aldersgrense: 10 år. Format: DCP. 1t 27min.

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