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Balkan New Film Festival: Not So Friendly Neighborhood Affair

Balkan New Film Festival: Not So Friendly Neighborhood Affair

A tale of absurd rivalry in pandemic-era Sarajevo. 

In this comedy by Oscar winning filmmaker, Danis Tanović (No Man’s Land), Not so friendly neighbourhood affair deals with one of the biggest divisions in Sarajevo society – the question of where to eat the best kebabs in town.

In the midst of the pandemic year 2021, Sarajevo restaurateurs are trying to overcome the general crisis, and one morning in May, a food vlogger from Zagreb (Anja Matković) finds herself in Enes’s (Branko Đurić) bakery in search of the best kebabs in Sarajevo.

He good-naturedly sends her to his colleague and friend Iza (Izudin Bajrović), and Enes’s harmless and warm gesture causes an unexpected disintegration of the business and private lives of the two friends, as well as the entire town.

The film, which premiered at the Sarajevo Film Festival, is a tribute to Sarajevo’s paradise and sense of humor, unique energy and interpersonal solidarity.

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