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BIAF: Konkurranseprogram 2

Bergen Internasjonale Animasjonsfilmfestival konkurranseprogram nr. 2 i Cinemateket på USF Verftet

Spilletid 43 minutter

Trigger Finger

Directed by Connor Yarish. Canada, 2020. 1’50’

A fresh take on a classic Spaghetti Western stand-off.


Directed by Karolina Kajetanowicz. Poland, 2021. 8’15’

Roadside greenery is a noman’s land. It was created to be passed by, not to be in it. Geometrical and artificial, yet taken by wild weeds – does it belong to man, or to nature? The same goes for your Body. You drag It through your days instead of being in It. Be It. I made this film for you to relax. To ease your senses between real films. To take a nap. Sweet dreams, fellow Body. I love you.

Dormo poco e sogno molto

Directed by Paolo Santamaria. Italy, 2020. 3’37’

A travel through imagination, finding a place called home.

My Son Has a Dinosaur

Directed by Alfredo Salomón. Mexico, 2021. 5′

The monster of my parents´ divorce.


Directed by Marco Arruda. Brazil, 2020. 16′

In a city of drawn characters, an indigenous boy witnesses a holographic appearance. It’s the arrival of an entity of unknown materiality. With a mysterious presence and its exotic allegories, it starts to enchant people, awakening their most insane senses.

Life Stream

Directed by Hanabushi. Thailand, 2021. 2’33’

All of life and all of nature is comprised of some unique combination of fire, earth, water and air. A tiny seed germinates and bursts forth, pushed by the fire within it. It grows from the rich earth, nourished by water and sunlight and the air around it, and becomes part of the rich kaleidoscope of earth’s flora.

Introducing Khaen instrument, as an integral part of culture and life in Laos, Khaen music helps connect family and society. With the use of bamboo tubes, the play of this music also embraces a healthy lifestyle and ecofriendly agriculture.

The bird in a cage

Directed by Pola Włodarczyk. Poland, 2021. 5’12’

The heroine is sitting in her apartment and looking out of the window. She is accompanied by a bird in the cage. Suddenly, the girl sees a strange creature walking around the city, clearly for a purpose.

Career limiting

Directed by Anna Mantzaris. Sweden, 2021. 1’05’

Research shows that there is almost nothing a woman can do in the workplace that is more career-limiting than having a baby.

A funny and important stop motion piece for Global Women New Zealand, released for International Women’s Day 2021 with the aim to raise awareness of the “Motherhood Penalty” that significantly impacts women in the workplace.