Laster Arrangementer

Workshop: The space between us

the space between us; retold 

er et personlig og transmedialt poesiverksted med BIT Teatergarasjens gjestekunstner Evi Nakou på USF Verftet fra 15. til 19. november 2023.

I løpet av fem dager skal vi dele, lese og komponere transmedial poesi, og i tillegg utveksle sladder, både som et middel og som mål i seg selv. Workshopen blir på engelsk.

You are hereby invited to take part! 

Transmedia poetry integrates diverse medial layers, such as sound, text, image, networked and programmable media, modulating and transforming into each other. The use of “gossip” is an attempt to unmask the figure of a human, casual practice of our everyday lives; a process of reclaiming kinship through creating and sharing past and new narratives through sound, text, image and bodies. This hands-on practical workshop will be a platform where we will playfully explore how conversation and exchange turn into poetry and vice versa.

With curiosity, imagination, and humour the participants will be encouraged to share wishes, hopes, struggles, and dreams of the everyday and transform them in poems of sound, text, image and performance. This gossip wishes for itself to be a place of attending the complexities and uncertainties of present times through methodologies of listening, observing, and responding to the natural landscape and the anthropogeography of Bergen. The practice will be centred around exercises of collective improvisation and composition aiming at producing unpredictable, non-linear and intuitive narratives and stories in the form of transmedia poems. We will collectively experiment with field recordings, music composition, techniques of erasure poetry, performing text, image and video to come up with poems that tell stories of our own – a situated gossip that extends the verbal and inhabits the visual, the sonic and the corporeal. Participants are encouraged to experiment across a variety of sonic, visual, textual media and mediums or focus on those with whom they feel more familiar.

The culmination of this week-long practice-based workshop will take the shape of an informal sharing at Prøverommet in Grieghallen at 13:00 on Sunday 26th November 2023.

The workshops are free and open to anyone over the age of 18 motivated and interested in contemporary practices and alternative forms of learning. We aim for a group of twelve participants gathered and committed to share the experience together. The group of participants will gather three hours a day at USF Verftet.


Application should submit:  

  • A few sentences on who you are and why you are applying.
  • Add the preferred time slot 1) 14:00-17:00, or 2) 18:00-21:00. 
  • Send to with the subject line ‘Application transmission workshop’.  

The deadline is Friday 20th October.