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Utstilling: David A. Rios – Make a tree from me

David A. Rios med ny utstilling i Visningsrommet USF

Vises 16. – 25. september

Åpning fredag 16. september kl. 18.00 – 21.00.
Åpent kl. 12.00 – 17.00 hver dag unntatt torsdag som er åpent kl. 13.00 – 20.00.
NB: lukket mandag 19. september.

Gratis adgang.

Kunstneren skriver:

“Make a tree from me” marks the forth instalment of the project
“A hole is made by the pieces that remain”, which tries to define an absence out of the fragments that frames it. The black hole which the Milky Way orbits can not be observed, but the stars it consumes tells us about its existence. Through photographic methods, printing techniques and sculpture the exhibition examines that which borders on what which is not longer there. The works are experiments in mapping a non-existence.

The works produced all point to what is missing, to what is absent. The lost and missing, the was and when and the vacuum this absence leaves behind. The project revolves around a spruce tree, or the idea of that tree. The works are all silhouettes of an absent person, an object and a time.

It is the sum of the works and the perimeter they draw that make up the project. A hole is created when the remaining components are able to surround what is missing. All the parts must point to what is not to give it shape.

The project is approached through the lens of cartography. A map is an abstraction of our surroundings and an exercise in looking from a different perspective than our own. We most often associate mapping with a physical landscape, but the procedure is transferable.

For the project, cartographic tools were used to look at the emotional landscape that longing leaves. A hole is not «nothing», a hole contains what is no longer. An important distinction, as a hole points to something that once was. We build much of our knowledge around analyses of fragments and traces of what was.


David A. Rios (1983) lives and works in Bergen. He has a Bachelor’s degree in photography and a Master’s degree in art from Bergen National Academy of The Arts. His projects have been exhibit at Norske Grafikere, Spriten Kunsthall, Studio 17, Haugesund International Woodcut Festival and CodexNordica in San Fransisco, in addition to a number of other group and solo exhibitions. He is currently an Associate Professor at Bergen School of Architecture and was previously a Assistant Professor in sculpture and installation at the Faculty of Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen.