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O (Solberg/Aas/Gismervik)

nyMusikk Bergen presenterer O (Solberg/Aas/Gismervik) på USF Verftet mandag 29. november!

The acoustic free folk duo O consists of Oslo based musicians Inga Margrete Aas and Helen Louise Solberg. Their music exists in a liminal zone between songs and acoustic free form, and could be described as melted folk, with an unorthodox blend of guitar, the baroque instrument viola da gamba and voice. Collaborating frequently with other musicians, among them Swedish baroque violist Tove Bagge, they are excited to be joined by drummer and long time collaborator Jan Martin Gismervik for their concert at Vreng. Their debut album as a trio with Gismervik, Firstness, will be released in May 2022 on dBUT interambience.

Listen to Os music here:

Helen Louise Solberg – acoustic guitar, voice
Inga Margrete Aas – viola da gamba
Jan Martin Gismervik – drumsPhoto:
Silje Rønneberg Hogstad

– Dørene åpner: kl. 19:30
– Konsertstart: ca. kl. 20:00