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Filmfest 3,14: Breaking Boundaries – short films by emerging Iranian female artists

 Filmfest 3,14 presents a selection of short films

Time: Saturday 27. April, 15.00

Place: Cinemateket i Bergen, USF

Duration: 1h 20 min

Artists: Neshat Arayesh, Sima Bagherzadeh, Roja Behravesh, Sanaz Khodadad, Sanaz Sedighy, Hamideh Sobhani, Daayanna Abdolali Zadeh.

– Neshat Arayesh, Umbrella (2023 )
– Sima Bagherzadeh, Storyboard (2020)
– Roja Behravesh, Time Changes (2019)
– Sanaz Khodadad,This is not a landscape (2019)
– Sanaz Sedighy, Shahroud, 29Esfand Ave. No.23 (2022)
– Hamideh Sobhani, Zastar (2023)
– Daayanna Abdolali Zadeh, An Unsung Anthema (2022)

Kunsthall 3,14 is proud to present a unique selection of experimental short films curated by Asieh Salimian and Shahram Entekhabi (Factory TT), with whom we have collaborated before both in Bergen and in Teheran. The full title of the program is Nothing but … Breaking Boundaries: A Bold Exploration of Perspectives and Status Quo by Emerging Iranian Female Video Artists. As the name suggests, the selection presents works by a diverse group of young, up-and-coming female video artists from Iran, each with their own unique artistic voice and perspective.

In recent years, the feminist movement has gained momentum in Iran, where the Woman, Life, Freedom (Zan, Zendegi, Azadi) movement emerged in 2022 in response to systematic gender discrimination and inequality. Iranian female artists have emerged as pioneers within this movement, using artistic expressions to defy societal norms and advocate for gender equality. Nothing but … responds to the current situation by highlighting the influential legacies of feminism in video art. Through visually compelling narratives, the films challenge established norms and amplify the voices of Iranian women, all of whom are living and working in Iran. Seen as a whole, the screening examines feminist positions as a socio-political movement fighting against gender discrimination and inequality, and offering the Norwegian audience a unique insight into the artistic positions of young Iranian women.