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Destination Unknown Film Festival del 2

Destination Unknown Film Festival på USF Verftet:

Program torsdag 11. august kl. 19:00.

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A Baffin Vacation
Dir: Sarah McNair-Landry, Erik Boomer. Canada 2022. English language, no subtitles. 12 min 30 sec.

Erik Boomer and Sarah McNair-Landry set off on a bold multi-sport 45-day expedition traveling through the remote landscape of Baffin Island in search of stunning cliffs to climb and unexplored rivers to whitewater kayak.

UTA – The Climb for Kosovo
Dir: Jack Somerville, Jake Tupman. Kosovo 2021. 19 min 23 sec.

In 2017, 34-year-old Uta Ibrahimi became the first person from Kosovo to attempt to climb Mount Everest. Her goal was to inspire a new post-war generation in Kosovo to move on from the war and help create a better future for their country.

This film looks back on Uta’s inspirational life, charting her journey from young woman growing up in a conflict country, to the literal top of the world. On the surface, this is a film about mountain climbing; human versus the most unforgiving terrain on the planet, but underneath it is a film about recognition, about empowerment and about having the courage and the determination to step forward and keep going – for Uta and for Kosovo. Uta mirrors her homeland, its history, its sense of place in the world and its battle for recognition. Uta and Kosovo, in that respect, are one and the same.

Dir: Kajsa Määttä, Viktor Björnström. Sweden 2022. 23 min.

Kajsa and Viktor, two snowboarders living in the very north of Sweden, loves the arctic winters. But in the last two decades, something disturbing has occurred. Where they live, the average temperature is increasing at twice the rate as the global average, what consequences will that have for the winter and the people living there?

Dir: Stefan Witts. Norway 2021. 11 min.

A couple in life and a world class duo of wingsuit flyers, attempts to complete a routine of moves meant for an altitude of 3000m, on a mountainside of half the height. Large walls in all directions and a narrow window for completion, set this ultimate trust of partnership.

Dir: Thomas Dalen. Norway 2021. 11 min. 

«It’s almost scary how beautiful the unknown can be»

Arnstein Dale, an astrophotographer from the west coast of Norway, has for several years been fascinated by taking pictures of deep sky objects out in the great cosmos. Several light years away from what we can see with the naked eye, the unknown awaits to be captured.

Dir: Guillaume Pierrel. France 2021. 36 min.

In the 70’s, the pioneers explored the most breathtaking mountains in the Alps and Himalayas; 45 years later, the same passion has remained intact and alpine skiers decide to return on the trail of their ancestors.

Their goal is to reach an altitude of 8000m with their skis, to then descend by the French route of 1975, their heritage. Their Elders are like angels, their songs carrying them to the border of Afghanistan, then to the “wall of light” in Baltoro, on the outskirts of China.

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