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BIT Teatergarasjen: Residency – Xenia Koghilaki – visning og samtale.

BIT Teatergarasjen: Residency – Xenia Koghilaki – visning og samtale, på USF Verftet

BIT Teatergarasjen inviterer til en samtale og visning med Xenia Koghilaki, som er gjestekunstner på USF Verftet nå i desember.

Fredag 15. desember kl. 15:00 er alle interesserte velkommen til Studio USF for Residency: Xenia Koghilaki – visning og samtale.

Arrangementet er gratis!

«In connection with Xenia Koghilaki’s work stay/residency in Bergen, we invite you to a viewing and conversation at the USF Verftet.

About the project:

The starting point of Xenia Koghilaki’s research has been questions around: How can dancing crowds act as agents of practice and what kind of performative tactics can be developed upon this, especially for engaging into questions around corporeality, collectivity and resistance?

In the frame of the residency Xenia focused on highly energised collective motion from the perspective of crowd rituals that arise within musical spaces. She focused on studio research, choreographically exploring the practice of moshing: the hardcore practice of crowd dancing associated mainly with the punk and metal culture.

Together with Noumissa Sidibé and Irini Georgiou, they have been looking closely to moshing’s choreographic elements, approaching the space of the pit as a site of extreme dancing, a space of social cooperation and a site of corporeal and space negotiation.

Xenia’s aim has been to explore, physical dynamics and embodied energies between bodies, developing choreographic strategies that can be practiced both on stage and on the social realm.

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