Laster Arrangementer

Utstilling: Manuel Portioli – Lover’s nest

Vises fra lørdag 28. april t.o.m. søndag 13. mai 2018.

Åpningstider: tirsdag – søndag kl. 12.00- 16.00. Mandag lukket. Gratis adgang.

Green autumn, red and pink rosebuds, yellow skies…
What is an artist supposed to talk about? Genuine genius, unconventional stories, rage against the system(s), l’air du temp, post-modern values, and post-mortem Valium? Probably all of these.

Sturm und Drang. Melodrama. New loves, and lack of stipends.
Working class heroes, feared migrants, and scary politicians. Messages of love from Kings to copy-paste on Facebook lines, and gates of heaven shut closed.

Occhi chiusi/ti penso sempre. Penso pensieri di montagne nere e mari neri, di giorni grigi e case colorate. Tu sei colorata. Sommerkroppen, ut på tur aldri sur, and asphalted Ulriken once every six months…
A magma of thoughts for your pennies, a magma of colors for my canvases.

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