Laster Arrangementer

Utstilling: Eleanor Clare & Dillan Marsh

Utstillingsåpning torsdag 15. november kl. 19.00.
Vises t.o.m. søndag 25. november
Åpent kl. 16 – 20 hver dag unntatt mandag som er stengt.
Gratis adgang.

Opening: Thursday 15th November 19.00
Until Sunday 25th November.
Open 16 – 20 every day except Monday.
Free entrance.


He saw something in the darkness. He searches his memory for its form. It was here, it left its shadow with him; he can feel its presence. It watches him, waits for him. He is caught in its flow now; it draws him in, through the darkness and down the narrow passage.

The Poacher’s work is to trespass; inhabiting the dark and hidden places. He penetrates his prey with a bullet, or untangles its entrails from trap.  He is well acquainted with the insides and outsides of things, with the dead and the living, with creation and destruction. Under the skin, much is fluid. This is where the unconscious is at work, digesting and processing and merging and separating matter.

The exhibition will consist of multiple channels of sound and video – spoken and sung narratives that unfold as one moves through the space. Much of the inspiration for this work came from being in a landscape – of walking in the woods or approaching monuments, connecting these experiences to folk tales or the mysterious practices of early cultures. We have had an extensive research period over the last few years at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where we have gathered material. All the audio, including music, is either from manipulated field recordings taken on site or vocal recordings.

About Our Work

Eleanor Clare has a background in live performance, sound installation, voice and writing, while Dillan Marsh has worked with installation. Our collaboration began as an exploration into how the reflective nature of writing and the driving force of art making can influence one another. It has since become a meeting of performed action with installation, object and text. We work with field recordings, research in archives and experimentation with writing, voice, performance, making objects and drawings.

Aspects of our work appear crude and hasty, revealing the process of making. Our intention is to create a bridge between the time based aspects of the work and the physical ones, offering an entrance to a fictional space. There has been a constant fascination with the concept of portals – of finding passageway from one state of being to another, particularly with regard to accessing the creative drive. We experiment with the suggestion of a journey or transition, accepting that creation and destruction are part of a natural cycle, and of giving ourselves up to this as we seek to become immersed in the creative process.


This exhibition has been kindly supported by BEK and Bergen Kommune.