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Oktoberdans: Karantena #millionsmissing – Kristine Nilsen Oma

Oktoberdans med Kristine Nilsen Oma forestilling på USF Verftet.

How do I move now that I am ill? 

Karantena #millionsmissing is a planned series of artivism choreographies where Oma addresses the theme of isolation due to illness. One of these works is being streamed live at the festival directly from quarantine in her own flat. The choreographer is addressing a global experience. The vulnerability in the expression is being strengthened through using only one camera, the dogma film rules, and the fallible technique behind live streaming on a low budget. 

The movements are inspired by the flats limitations and reflects the play between the theme of isolation, the room, the camera, and the inner response of knowing an audience is watching. The audience becomes a spectator of a choreographer’s longing to dance. 

Many people have experienced isolation since Covid-19. For #millionsmissing- a global campaign for and with patients with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) – having to live in quarantine is more or less normal. Can the pandemic lead to change and empathy for the chronically ill now that so many people experience this particular kind of life?

Covid19 opened the possibility for new ways of collaborating through shared experience. Karantena #millionsmissing has been created through interaction and dialogue with other artists, choreographersand curators from Norway, Malaysia, Lebanon/France, Korea, and Australia. Despite the cultural differences and very different ways of expressing and culture, the conversations revealed a commonality in the experience of illness-related isolation.  

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This dance performance will only be streamed once and will not be made public after its shown at Oktoberdans.