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For all tid: Lasse Årikstad screening

Bergen! Come to the screening of Lasse Årikstad’s first short-film For all tid at Cinemateket i Bergen followed by a Q+A with Lasse and P a l m e r a – after the screening.

For all tid (32 min.) tells a tale about a young man named August who comes home to visit family and friends. He wanders around town aimlessly until he finally meets his friends who take him on a unplanned boat ride in the archipelago on the coast of Kristiansand.
Cinematography by Marius Smith with Stian Jacobsen, Khalid Mahamoud, Morten MIchalsen.

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Before the screening join the For all tid: Lasse Årikstad vernissage at –palmera– with collages, still photos and other fragments from the film. Drinks&snacks to warm up and pop-corn bags for the screening!