Laster Arrangementer

Flow & Glow yoga

A nourishing movement & dance party for your heart and soul – at USF Verftet

NB: Outside event. Dress according to the temperature.
If rain, the event will take place indoors.
Duration: appx 5 hours.

Experience the magic of presence through yoga and dance. This is a nourishing movement & dance party for your heart and soul.

Heidi Folkeseth is your yoga teacher for the day. She`s been working as a yoga teacher since 2017. She`s teaching at studios, hosts workshops and retreats. Her passion is to create a space for people to relax and connect to the breath and body. You can expect the class to be a Vinyasa flow, where she`ll be guiding you through soft dance like movements that`s syncroniced with your breath. Please bring a blanket and your own yogamat to this event. If you dont have a mat, send an e-mail to: at least 7 days before to rent a mat.

Ariel Seastar has served as a DJ since 2004, and as an intuitive dance guide since 2020. She started her dance journey as a DJ and happy raver, and has since explored herself in the dance through classes in tango, pole dance, salsa, bachata, ballet, and the 5-rhythms dance. She warmly invites you to a Transformative Dance Session, with the intention of connecting you to your body, soul, energy, heart and mind. You will explore the rhythms and elements of life, through the music, dance, movement, and sound.

After the guided session you are invited to dance freely to an Ariel  Seastar DJ set of melodic, vibrant, deep and tribal sounds. Wear something that makes you feel gooooood, for whatever mood you’re in.

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