Laster Arrangementer


Se de gode filmene i Bergens minste kino på USF Verftet – Cinemateket.

Films by
Calderón & Piñeros
Paul Tunge and Egil Håskjold Larsen
Screenings + Q&A with Tatiana Lozano

The screening is free, but reserve your seats here for registration.

Entrée cinema, together with Cinemateket in Bergen proudly presents a duo screening with a short film by the Colombian artist collective Calderón & Piñeros and an experimental documentary by Norwegian directors Paul Tunge and Egil Håskjold Larsen. Both films are shot in little towns in Colombia and Norway, depicting a nostalgia for obsolete structures in the middle of rural landscapes.
This duo presentation at Cinemateket will culminate with a Q+A (in English) following the screening, moderated by our curator Tatiana Lozano. Come join us for a conversation where we will be discussing the contrast between different poetic approaches from opposite parts of the world.
The screening is free, but reserve your seats here for registration.

‘Centro Espacial Satelital de Colombia’ (‘Colombian Satellite Space Center’)
12:03 min
By Calderón & Piñeros

March 25, 1970, less than a year after the arrival of the first man on the moon, The Space Communications Center of Colombia was inaugurated in the little municipality of Chocontá. A stunning satellite antenna was built and located in the middle of the rural landscape. The antenna would be responsible for transmission via a microwave of radio and telephone signals. In 1981 the second antenna or Ground Station for International Communications would complete the complex known as Space Communications Center. Chocontá, whose colonial name is Loyal and Noble Villa de Santiago de Chocontá began to be known as the «Satellite City of Colombia». The walks to visit and see the antennas were common for more than two decades. Today, 45 years later, the antennas are in decline, and people do not stop anymore to look at them. The landscape seems to slowly absorb and mask the massive structures.
The film ‘The project Satellite Space Center of Colombia’, was planned as a tribute, a «lullaby» and a farewell to these monumental and sculptural structures. The Chocontá Symphonic Youth Band, whose members range from age seven to fifteen, are too young to have ever known the antennas in their splendor, but here they are performing a particular interpretation of a requiem. The imposing nature and devastating climate are other features to complete the atmosphere. Among the trees, obsolete antennas and talented children, the cold and gloomy environment of the savannah, the tribute evokes a glorious past, an agonizing present and an uncertain future.

Calderón & Piñeros is a collective composed of Berlin-Bogotá-based artists Elkin Calderón Guevara and Diego Piñeros García, whose projects generate new approaches to art from hybrid perspectives and disciplines, questioning hegemonic forms of knowledge and power. Calderón & Piñeros mobilizes displacement and recontextualization to explore alternate presents and futures and to create links between memory and the ruins of the past to question our assumptions of reality and linear readings of history. Through the moving image and building on a “poetics of time and space”, the play with mise-en-scene to create events, places and objects that might or might not be “real”. These alternative narratives produce dislocations and alterations that lead to new readings of reality. They have been awarded various grants and nominations and participated in festivals such as DOK Leipzig (2020), Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine (2020), ANTIMATTER Media Art, Canadá (2020), HERE/NOW: Current Visions from Colombia, Amsterdam (2019), MACRO-ASILO /Video del giorno, Roma (2019), Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin (2018), 20º Festival de Arte Contemporânea Sesc, Videobrasil, São Paulo (2017) and National Salon of Artists Colombia, AUN (2016).

44:00 min
By Paul Tunge and Egil Håskjold Larsen
With music by Kim Hiorthøy

‘ODDA’ is an experimental documentary where a one-take steady cam shot takes you through the abandoned fabrics and streets of the little post-industrial town Odda in Norway. The music is composed by multidisciplinary artist Kim Hiorthøy.
Paul Tunge is a writer, director and cinematographer involved in film production since early 2000´s. He has written, directed, shot, and produced four independent feature films and three documentaries. His films have been shown on major film festivals in all continents, in galleries and various national cinemas and cinematheques. He is currently developing various feature films and short docs. In 2021 he released ‘Mind of modernism’, and will release ‘Courtesy of The Rumohr estate’ in 2022, which is an experimental portrait of the abstract painter Knut Rumohr.

Egil Håskjold Larsen is an award-winning film photographer and director. His debut documentary feature film 69 minutes of 86 days, won several awards nationally and internationally, including at Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc Fest and CPH: DOX, Short Film Festival. His latest film: ‘Where to Return’ was the opening film at Tromsø IFF. Håskjold Larsen is also known for his work as a film photographer, most recently with Oscar-shortlisted ‘Gunda’, and Rotterdam-current ‘Gritt’.