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Verftet Online Music Festival: Enslaved konsert live fra Verftet

Enslaved har gjennom 30 år vært blant de mest utforskende, respekterte og originale band i metalsjangeren og musikkbransjen generelt. På denne konserten spiller de et blandet sett med musikk. Opplev bandet live onsdag 1. april kl. 20:00. Gratis.

Se konserten gratis på eller på Youtube.
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Enslaved will perform a mixed set of great compositions throughout their career on this event. Watch on Youtube. Wednesday 1. April at 20:00 h, free admission.

Over the course of 30 years, Enslaved have proved themselves to be among the most prodigious and original artists of the modern age. We are immensely proud of Enslaved performing their music live at Verftet Online Music Festival in Bergen.

Enslaved in 2020 is a band in superb form, proud Bergeners bearing the torch of their hometowns’ extraordinary musical history.

Even in the most primeval stages of their storied career, Enslaved was so much more than just music. Born on the outskirts of the infamous upheaval of teenage arsonists more commonly associated with a genre called Norwegian Black Metal, the Bergen based Vikings shared the inspiration and production ideals – yet steered clear of the non-musical dramas that have overshadowed so much of the artistic value from this movement. Shaking the very foundations of the young scene as early as 1993 with their iconic split release alongside fellow black wizards EMPEROR, they positively invented the term and art form Viking Metal with their icy monuments “Vikingligr Veldi” and, of course, the immortal splendour that is “Frost” and “Eld”.

Never a sucker for stagnation, Enslaved explored uncharted progressive and psychedelic territories even back in the “grim nineties” – placing them in a unique position of both bearers of tradition as well as explorers into the unknown. Now, almost 30 years after changing the name of their adolescent death metal combo Phobia and advancing towards a more frostbitten and pagan black metal dirge, Enslaved has become a worldwide phenomenon, enthralling their listeners with music at once grim and sublime, effortlessly proving that it is indeed not a problem at all to sound like the sophisticated love child of King Crimson and Bathory.