Laster Arrangementer

BIAF: Konkurranseprogram 5

Bergen Internasjonale Animasjonsfilmfestival konkurranseprogram nr. 5 i Cinemateket på USF Verftet

Spilletid 47 minutter

Impossible Figures and Other Stories

Directed by Marta Pajek. Poland 2021. 16’10’

After a huge explosion, only an old couple remains in an abandoned city. An old woman wanders tediously through empty streets. She passes by the statues of some now completely irrelevant and long-forgotten victories. In the shop windows, she sees some abandoned and dead mannequins. In short flashback, we get to see those, who will never return to the city. Marta Pajek’s film is a post-apocalyptic portrait of the world where the human being and its existence means no more than a split second. The film is the missing part of the trilogy “Impossible Figures and other stories”.

Selection Process

Directed by Carla Pereira. Spain 2021. 3’30’

A cat goes to a job interview where his aptitudes are assessed by three mice. As the interview progresses, the situation starts getting more and more awkward for everyone involved.

Rabbit Hole

Directed by He Lo. Taiwan 2021. 6’10’

The day I dream, everything is different.


Directed by LUO Meixin. Hong Kong 2021. 3’04’

Our film’s concept is Love & Hope, seen through the perspective of a lost cat. This film is divided into four stages according to the emotional changes of music. We want to convey that hope gives us the power to keep moving forward, and love makes our life no longer monotonous.

Rolling Arcade

Directed by Teresa Bueno Fontanilla. Spain 2020. 4’

An unexpected encounter makes two girls fall in love, all a midst the beeps of the arcade machines and the rhythm of the music at the skating rink.

Craziest Things

Directed by Sacha Beeley. United Kingdom 2020. 3’10’

Music video for ‘Craziest Things’ by Babeheaven. Directed & animated by Sacha Beeley

Animators for Belarus

Directed by Yulia Ruditskaya, Ilya Gilmanov , Maria Scutaru, Cale Mazza, Udo Prinsen, Michael Woodruff, Anna-Maria Chernigovskaya, Victoria Prosanova, Ath1na, Viktoria Salimova, Veronica Solomon, Arril Johnson, Faiyaz Jafri, Diek Grobler, Yura Boguslavsky, Asya Kiseleva, Erentia Bedeker, Tania Sharavarava, Elodie Marechal, Declan Mitchell, Maarten Aerts, Jan Saska, Nina Ovsova , Marina Luzhkova, Sofya Nabok, Iulia Voitova, Lin |, Maria Cesaro, Monique Van Dijk-Renault, Svetlana Sichnaya, Nikita Meshcheryakov, Andrus’ Takindang, Dzianis Mizhui, Masha Tyomkina, Catarina Calvinho Gil, Katya Khimenets , Frank Poncelet, group(e)collecti(ve/f), Alexander Bulakh, Elena Minaeva, Sofiya Voznaya, Yan Barysevich, Ala Nunu Leszynska, Sara Buccellato, Genadzi Buto, Natalia Ryss, Masha Yakushina, Candy Kugel, Anna Rudnitsky, Adela Križovenská, Dante Rustav, Hristina Belousova, Leonardo McClaren, Marta Magnuska.

Belaurus 2020. 7’54’

Over 50 animators from 19 countries collaborated to support Belarusians in their peaceful protests for fair elections and freedom. The animators offered their interpretation of the recent events in Belarus, creating the animated chronicles of these dramatic events. The white-red-white flag is a historical symbol of Belarus and has become a symbol of peace, protest, and hope for the people of Belarus. The youngest animator who participated in the project is only 12 years old.

Los días

Directed by Ana María Hernández Pérez. Spain 2021. 3’06’

Animated videoclip of the song «Los Días», by the singer-songwriter Silvana Estrada, where the imagination makes its way through the daily life of the streets of Valencia and Benidorm.