Laster Arrangementer

BIAF: Konkurranseprogram 3

Bergen Internasjonale Animasjonsfilmfestival konkurranseprogram nr. 3 i Cinemateket på USF Verftet

Spilletid 40 minutter

Vicious dogs

Directed by Audun Løkås. Norway, 2021. 6’24’

On a journey through the woods, who does this wrestler encounter?

Paper cut

Directed by Hui-ching Tseng. Taiwan, 2020. 2’15’

The film uses commercial product catalogs to create visual animation effects through paper-cutting. In recent years, the author has tried various experimental methods to create animation by using materials founded in daily life, such as the recycled garbage advertising catalogs. This animation creates a reason for these useless advertising images to be worth watching again. The title “Paper Cut” means that the image is reborn through the cutting action, and new ideas and values ​​are obtained. The purpose of the experiment is to discover new possibilities and ideas by breaking the limitations of the media.


Directed by Daniel Amar. Spain, 2021. 3’18’

After the dark night, the first sunbeam fills the world with colors, light, and hope. Everyone is welcome to the Sunrise.

Promised Land

Directed by Andrea Pierri. Italy, 2020. 8’42’

Every day legions of people risk their lives in the Mediterranean Sea to reach the southern coasts of Europe, the new Promised Land. But the sea, that once parted to allow Moses’ passage, now closes with indifference over the stories and lives of countless victims.

An old man slowly walks along a deserted beach, gathering what he finds in the sand: objects carried by the sea, the last possessions of women, men, children who have disappeared during their long journey to the Promised Land. A daily reality that bears upon all of us.

Laws of nature

Directed by Žoel Kastelic. Slovenia, 2021. 2’16’

This animation makes use of the books full of laws made up by people. With that, the animation aims to point at those cardinal laws of nature that are above the artificially created laws people wrote to satisfy their lust for power over everything.

Black Sea Dahu – Rhizome

Directed by Olivier Samter. Switzerland, 2020. 4’10’

A broken creature in a hostile environment. A spirit attempts to break free.

Granaio / The Granary

Directed by Arianna BinaghI, Gabriele Bollassa, Irene Frizzera, Gaia Rizzi. Italy, 2021. 6’14’

Dark Ages (presumably): two abandoned little sisters live miserably inside a semi-destroyed barn. On a bad day the surrounding fields become the battleground between two imperial armies. The sisters, pretending to have good contacts with the Almighty, cleverly manipulate the two bigoted emperors and finally celebrate the victory of cunning over the dullness of power.

Let’s Grow Up

Directed by Magdalena Pilecka. Poland, 2020. 36′

Everyone is equal!


Directed by Stas Bashkatov. Latvia, 2021. 3’50’

A 7-year-old girl in a wheelchair feels very lonely sitting in her room. Her only friend is a little ant in a formicarium. She falls asleep and gets into an alternative reality with the four elements superheroes. Her abilities become limitless here. She enjoys life, flies and fight with the enemy. She returns home happy, strong and self-confident.

Walks Alone

Directed by Lior Shkedi. Israel, 2020. 4’01’

Animated video clip for ‘Walks Alone’ by Cows (from the album Cunning Stunts,1992). It follows various entities who are all tied to one another by their grotesque mindset and psychedelic vibes.