Laster Arrangementer

BIAF: Konkurranseprogram 1

Bergen Internasjonale Animasjonsfilmfestival konkurranseprogram nr. 1 i Cinemateket på USF Verftet

Spilletid 51 minutter

Pink Pleasure Doome

Directed by Maja Kjellstad Aanonsen. Norway, 2021. 3’27’

An edgy emo band, ready to play a concert. What could go wrong?

The Intronauta

Directed by Jose Arboleda. Colombia, 2020. 14″

In a world saturated with media information, EL escapes to a fantastic space thanks to his ability to draw. Through his drawings, a plant emerges from the cracks of the city, but the social order wipes it out, motivating him to become El Intronauta, an inner space navigator.


Directed by Hanabushi. Japan, 2021. 4’18’

On the earth in post-apocalypse, a housekeeper android starts solo-parenting a baby with a forehead horn left alone in the abandoned hospital.

When the Tides Went Down

Submitted by Jordan Buckner. United Kingdom, 2020. 3’14’

As climate change threatens our future, how do we come to terms with the end of our existence? When the Tides Went Down is a short animation exploring our different responses to these turbulent times. Using original digital paintings by Jordan Buckner, the film fuses tableaus of the British landscape, with a constructed and evocative soundscape. When the Tides Went Down was made in 8 weeks as part of the Screen South, BBC and Arts Council New Creatives project. Featuring sound design from Nainita Desai.


Directed by Bianca Caderas. Germany, 2020. 7’11’

Wether in bars, at house parties or romantic dinners, the people in Jeroboam are raising their champagne-filled glasses. However, they all seem indifferent to the cruelty necessary to give their favourite beverage its signature fizz. All but Helga, who has a plan to stop the injustice. Then her date arrives at her apartment. After uncorking the first bottle, Helga reveals her secret scheme to the guest, not knowing if this will jeopardise their relationship.

My fat arse and I

Directed by Yelyzaveta Pysmak. Poland, 2020. 10’06’

One morning a girl tries on a pair of new pants, yet they don’t quite fit her. More precisely, they are impossible to zip.The girl is bewildered. In the mirror she sees herself like the fattest piglet the world has seen. She decides to go on a strict diet as quickly as possible. No sweets, no sodas, just water with an occasional lemon.

Oh the crocodiles…

Directed by Agathe Sénéchal, Elise Debruyne, Cérine Raouraoua, William Defrance, Agatha Sip. France, 2021. 5’41’

A little girl is released in the universe of a Pop-Up book tale managed by a crocodile who won’t hesitate to have a discriminatory behavior against women.


Directed by Andrea Pátková, Veronika Valentová. Slovakia, 2020. 4’26’

A story about a hero who faces graduating issues.