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Destination Unknown Film Festival på USF Verftet:

Program onsdag 10. august kl. 19:00.

Kr 130. Billetter kjøpes her.

Dir: Andres Bronnimann. Costa Rica 2021. 16 min 23 sec.

Costa Rica’s highest mountain witnesses the inspiring journey of a woman overcoming cancer.

Finding Fury
Dir: Mike Rogge. USA 2021. 12 min.

Two skiers set out to find the mythical Mount Fury on an arduous journey deep into Washington’s North Cascade range.

The Last Ski Maker in Scotland
Dir: Euan Robinson. Scotland 2022. 6 min 35 sec.

The uncertain future of skiing in Scotland has inspired Jamie Kunka to make sustainable skis out of wood. Based in his cabin in the Scottish Highlands, Jamie is the last ski maker in Scotland.

Ice Edge
Dir: Inge Wegge. Norway 2019. 10 min.

Ice Edge is a short documentary about a group of surfers trying to make surfboards out of ice. It follows the process from freezing the boards, shaping them and taking them out into the sea. There is a lot of trying and failing. Will it work at all? The boards are slippery, and they melt very fast. Everything needs to work simultaneously: The surfers must be ready. The boards cannot crack. The perfect wave must come. Ice Edge is a film where nature and people play together. It can be seen as a warm commentary on «homo ludens», the playful human, but also as a tribute to the magnificent Lofoten Islands and the importance of preserving it.

Growling Foxes and Crooked Trials
Dir: Steve Rémy Walker. Switzerland 2022. 25 min 40 sec.

Jan has got it into his head to ride in one day with his road bike from Bern, Switzerland to South Tyrol in Italy. Three hundred and ninety kilometres is feasible — if there weren’t those six big mountain passes on the route! It gives him plenty of time to think. To think about why he needs such adventures; and why other people don’t. It’s a philosophical ride pondering the sense and nonsense of a challenge to self.

Alps To Go
Dir: Peter Dippel. Germany 2021. 26 min 54 sec.

The Alps are a place of longing. Wild, untouched, sublime – but only in our heads. Humans have been shaping and changing the Alps since time immemorial. What we see is what we have created over centuries. Nevertheless, we still tend to believe that the Alps are a counter-world. Because we wish to see them that way, we never stop reinventing they’re myths. Today we are at a point where we are doing more harm than good. We are in the process of destroying what we love and need. And we know that. The Alps are part of us and we are part of them. We have to take responsibility if we wish to save them. We all have to ask ourselves: “what can I do?”. More and more people are looking to the Alps as a resonant space of possible experiences. This exponential growth leads, without a doubt to conflicts of all sorts.

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The Destination Unknown Film Festival is an exclusive program of independent adventure and conservation films. Join us for an evening overflowing with inspiration and wonder.

The films come from all corners of the world. They showcase activists, adventures and philosophers against a backdrop of jaw dropping landscapes.

The film festival starts in the Spring in Voss and tours the west coast of Norway through the summer and fall. On the 10th and 11th of August we invite you to to join us in Bergen. We will enjoy a program of independent films together, before carrying on to the afterparty for some drinks and conversation.

The two evenings in Bergen have different programs. All films are unrated and in several languages, films with non English dialogue will be subtitled in English.

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